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Mutant Factions is a wonderful free online shooter game with some RPG elements

Role Playing Games like Diablo are incredibly popular. Why? Because of the endless customization they offer, apart from the thrilling gameplay, of course.


Mutant Factions is an online shooter game, which mixes modern weaponry and RPG elements.

Here is a screenshot of a skill tree:



There are several builds which allows you to learn various skills, combos, counters, etc. The game has over 30 weapons and vehicles, and features Player vs. Player and Player vs. Enemy modes. Game modes include Free For All, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Checkpoint (Racer mode), and Outbreak (co-op survival)

You can also make your own maps and host servers for others to play in.

The game had been in development for 6 years, and was released to the public recently. It has some similarities to Grand Theft Auto. And not the modern ones, the classic GTA 1 & 2, which had the top down view. Mutant Factions also uses a similar camera style.

Official Video Trailer:

Download Mutant Factions for free from the official website. Windows & Linux versions are available. There is a portable version of the game too, so just download, extract the archive and play.

Did I mention that the game has capes, and lightsabers? What are you waiting for? Play it already.

via: Major Geeks. Thanks to Grr for the tip