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Muskie and Walleye could be the codenames of the next Pixel devices

Last week, we reported that Google will be launching its upcoming Pixel devices sometime at the end of this year,  and that the devices will stick to the company's premium price range. Now, a new report has surfaced, which claims that the next Pixel devices, could be called the Muskie and Walleye.

Walleye Pixel 2 AOSP

Google likes to name its phones after species of fishes, a tradition it has followed since the Nexus phones. The Pixel and Pixel XL, launched last year were called the Sailfish and the Marlin.

Now, a page on the Android Open Source Project mentioned the name walleye in Bug: 34772739 which originally said "Test: walleye boots,....", as seen from the screenshot above. The page, now does not mention the name walleye, which was likely removed from the page, after the news report came out. Is this a confirmation of the codename then? We believe it could be. The walleye will reportedly be the Pixel 2, while the Muskie could be the larger phone, aka the Pixel XL 2.

Geekiest thoughts:

The Pixel had 3 main issues, which we found unacceptable. The first was the hideous bezels on the phone, which some fanboys went out of their way to defend as a "recycled design", and that people should overlook it. Recycled design and premium phone, should not go hand in hand. The second flaw, is the lack of waterproofing, on a premium priced smartphone. The third of course, is the 2 years of OS updates, for a phone, similarly priced to the latest iPhone, which will get 5 years of updates.

But apart from that, the Pixel is a good phone for those who can afford it.

via: AndroidPolice