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Mozilla Thunderbird 17.0.3 for Windows – Free mail application.

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free mail application to read and write mail from all of your account. You can add your accounts easily by giving a name, e-mail address and password. No need to login to each account separately. You can add as many accounts you have and access into those mails quickly from its UI.



What’s new on 17.0.3?

*  Security fixes.
*  Attachments sometimes could not be removed from the composition window using the keyboard, this is now fixed.


* Simple E-mail client and RSS reader.

* Mail account setup wizard help you to add your account easily.

* Open multiple e-mails in tabs for better references.

* One-click Address book to save your contacts quickly.

* Multiple-channel chat which supports Facebook, Gtalk , Twitter .

* Search through web,emails and chats.

* Secure and It protects your mails from spam and phishing.

You can read more and download Mozilla Thunderbird 17.0.3 from its Homepage