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Mouse Click Counter, Distance tracker and Tracer

Here comes come nice software which will give you some amazing values like how many times you clicked your mouse, the distance travelled and also another application which can create modern art with the movements and clicks of your mouse.


This is a tool which is written in java and will let you trace the mouse movements to a white background. The image below is my mouse movements of just 3 minutes. This application supports multiple monitors.

IOGraphica - 3 minutes (from 9-38 to 9-41)

IOGraph also have a color scheme switcher you can see the result image below.

IOGraphica - 3 minutes (from 9-46 to 9-50)

Whilst lines obviously represent the mouse movement, dots and circles around them represent the amount of time the mouse was not moving. The longer the mouse is not touched, the more the dots and circles diameter. The main reason for having them on canvas is to enhance the expression

If you are interested in IOGraph, you can get it for FREE from the official website. It is a portable small exe file of size 199KB. The latest version 1.0.1 fixed the multi-monitor issues and added color scheme.


It is a small application which will track the distance travelled my your mouse and also the clicks.

ODOPlus mouse distance tracker and click count

The application will track the following things

Distance travelled in Meteres and pixels

Total, Left, right and center clicks

Ticks of the scrolling wheel

Also shows the click areas and heat map

This is also a portable application. the download zip size is just 353KB.

You can read more about OdoPlus - Deluxe Mouse Tracking and download it for FREE from the official website

IOGraphica - 21 minutes (from 9-46 to 10-08)

Share your mouse trace images with us.