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MotoG successor leaks online.

MotoG has been one of the most popular mid budget handsets in India. It offers amazing performance and features and extremely competitive price. Recently there has been leaked news that a new version of MotoG called MotoG2 may release. This is  not the same of the 4G LTE variant which came with added SD card support.


The MotoG2 which has the model no. XT1068 seems to look almost identical to the MotoG. Also the one important design change is front-facing grill speakers. This is exactly like the one found in MotoE. Other than that only this specifications seem to have been leaked.

Processor:- Remains the same snapdragon 400 with Cortex A7. A bit of disappointment.

Graphics: Its the same Adreno 305 graphics card.

Screen: 1280x720 pixels which is 320ppp

Camera: There is an improvement here in the form of a 8MP shooter as compared to the 5MP in MotoG.

This phone will also have dual-sim support.

Although the specs have not been confirmed it may change in the future and G2 may pack a bigger punch. But I think it will take 5-6 more months for it to hit the stores.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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