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Moto E User Guide in English and Hindi

Moto E User Guide

Earlier we have posted about the Moto E launch in India. Motorola released Moto E user guides for India in English and Hindi.  On this eBook you can check for on how tos, see few samples below

Personalize your Home screen: see "Redecorate your home".

Make a quick change: see "Quick settings".

Go online: see "Browse".

Explore: see "Google Play".

Find apps: see "Download apps".

Be social: see "Socialize".

Find it yourself: see "Locate & navigate".

Take a photo: see "Take photos".

Connect to Wi-Fi: see "Wi-Fi networks".

Watch a movie: see "Play Films & TV".

Protect your phone: see "Screen lock".

Contents on this book are

Moto E User Guide contents

It covers from how to insert a SIM to How to customize and update your phone. So if you are a Moto E user we believe that this 68 page guide with you, this is really handy.

Download the Moto E user guide in English from here and in Hindi from here