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Most admired persons in the world

Most admired persons in the world

YouGov Published the list of most admired people in the world and  Microsoft founder Bill Gates is on the top of the list.

YouGov is the authoritative measure of public opinion and consumer behavior.

They have conducted this survey in countries like Britain, Germany, Russia, India, China, United States, Nigeria , brazil and some other countries all together covering more than half of the world population. The sample size was 13895. They have used Internet and Mobile phone surveys.

In India It is Sachin Tendulkar.

Most admired persons in India

The website says across the world many voted for their Mother and Father as the most admired people in the world.

YouGov  have covered countries on the basis of population. So if in China it was some one else, the total result will be different we believe, also that is how those mahy people from India came in to the list. You can see they do not have listed in any other country.

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