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Get The Most Popular Bing Images for 2013 Wallpapers & Screensaver

Microsoft Bing have released a list of the most popular Bing Homepages for 2013.

Bing Logo

The following images were the top ten images for the year.

Bay and the Super Trees - Singapore City

Green Lagoon

New Croton Dam

Mount Shasta

Kaneohe Bay, Oahu - Hawaii

Mangrove seen from underwater, Aldabra - Seychelles

Beach Lake Michigan, Chicago

Ocean Drive in Newport, Rhode Island

Fly Geyser - Nevada

Lulworth Cove - England

You can download them all for free in one EXE package, which has the images as Wallpapers and a screensaver. The file is about 12MB in size.

Get it for free from the Microsoft Bing Blog.