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Moodies – Cloud based Emotions Analysis application

Emotions Analytics is a relatively new and unexplored field that focuses on identifying and analyzing the full spectrum of human emotions and personality. Extracting one's full set of emotions and character traits using their raw voice in real-time, decoding and measuring moods, attitudes and decision-making profiles have introduced a whole new dimension of emotional understanding which is called Emotions Analytics, summarized in the image below.




With over 18 years of research including more than 60,000 test subjects in 26 different languages, “Beyond Verbal Communication, Ltd. (Beyond Verbal™)” has commercially patented the Emotions Analytics technology. Their research which started back in 1995 has resulted in the discovery of the human “intonational code” that is extracted from vocal intonations. Their technology has already won numerous awards from industry and research organizations around the world.


"Our goal is to introduce emotional understanding into practically everything we do, including human-to-human interactions, driving cars, playing games, improving service, or getting better commercials," said Dan Emodi, Beyond Verbal's vice president of marketing and strategic accounts. "We’re going from our cognitive communication -- what we say -- to our emotional communication, which is our body language and vocal intonation."


While Beyond Verbal is working towards bringing Emotions Analytics technology at our use in daily life, they have made available a cloud-based platform called “Moodies” for Free, currently in beta stage, to test our voice and get a detailed mood analysis.




Moodies can assess your voice while you talk to for just 15-20 seconds. It will then provide an instant feedback of your “intonational code” as primary mood and secondary mood. It works regardless of the language and content of the speaker. So go ahead, pick up your microphone and analyze your mood, attitude and emotion type using the Moodies app here.


Also view the video below to know How Emotions Analytics can be used.



Below are few analysis of famous speeches (courtesy Beyond Verbal)


Mahatma Gandhi's "Spiritual Message" - Link


Obama Attacks Mitt Romney's "47%" Comments in Presidential Debate - link


Tim Cook keynote - link


Steve Jobs talks about the iPad - link


Do let us know (through comments) if Moodies was able to identify you mood correctly or no? Feel free to share the results as well.