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Monopoly Millionaire Game Goes FREE for iPad and iPhone [Limited Time]


monopoly millionaire


Courtesy Electronic Arts you can now become a Millionaire, at least on your iPad and iPhone.


The popular MONOPOLY Millionaire application has gone free for a limited time. Both the iPad version (earlier $4.99) and iPhone version (earlier $2.99) are now available for free from the iTunes store.



• Zoom past wannabes in the fastest MONOPOLY experience ever!
• Purchase palatial Dreamland Properties like Bling Beach and Paradise Island
• Splurge on upgradable Movers – show friends how hot you roll!
• Compete for the Million with friends in Pass n’ Play or local Wifi
• Test your moneymaker with 3 difficulty modes
• Get lucky! Fortune Cards can speed up your rise OR send you back to broke


Below is the Game Play video (courtesy TouchGameplay). Watch it by the time you download the application given it is over 200mb in size and will take a few good minutes to download.




Use the links below to get one or both the apps.

MONOPOLY Millionaire for iPad from here or here
MONOPOLY Millionaire for iPhone from here or here


Grab this opportunity and GO for it before its too late. GO GO GO………..