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Mirage Arcane Warfare is free today on Steam, will get a permanent price from tomorrow to get more players

Mirage Arcane Warfare, a multiplayer first person game on Steam, is available for free today. The game is from Tom Banner Studios, also the developers of the more popular MMO, Chivalry.

Mirage Arcane Warfare Free-for-a-Day
According to an announcement from the developer, Mirage Arcane Warfare didn't sell well. As a result, the game does not have a lot of players, which is something that can end an MMO. Lot of such games have eventually turned free to play, after losing their player base. Battleborn is one such example. Acknowledging such an issue is an honest thing, and is a rarity these days, so kudos to the Mirage devs.

To avoid such a situation and to help players enjoy a game which the studio worked many years on, the devs in a bold move, are giving away Mirage Arcane Warfare today. Once you click on the "Install Game" button on the Steam page, you can keep it forever. 

And to further increase the number of players for the game, the devs will be dropping the price of Mirage Arcane Warfare, to $9.99 permanently. To be honest, I have never played (nor ever will) an MMO. Adding a singleplayer or offline story campaign might be a great way to save such games, but that will require a lot of resources, which most studios can’t afford to spare.