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MiniTool Partition wizard 9.0 professional edition Review and Giveaway

MiniTool Partition wizard 9.0 Review and Giveaway

So now it is the time for a review MiniTool Partition wizard 9.0 which have a lot more features than the previous versions, and a very handy tool for users, and Giveaway of full version licenses of the product. So this all in one disk manager is one of the best partition manager.

Before proceeding, I must say that I lost data of an entire partition while resizing it using this application. It worked with out loosing data for some too.  So use it at your own risk. Hopefully this will be the last MiniTool product review Geekiest will  be covering.


Partition managers allows users to manage the Hard disc partition operations such as resize, migrate, copy easily and without loosing data. The migration of Data will be needed when you need to upgrade your hard disc to a higher capacity or to a new technology such ass SSD. A partition manager like MiniTool Partition wizard can save a lot of time for you while migrating. It can just copy the system drive to your SSD which will save a lot of time for you by not installing the operating system and all your programs again to the new drive.


Features of MiniTool Partition wizard

Resize, Move, Create, Split, Delete, format parition

Change cluster size

Merge partitions

Convert dynamic disc to basic

Convert NTFS to FAT 32

Clone Disk, copy partition

Upgrade HDD

Migrate OS to SSD/HD without cloning the entire disk

Supports HDD with size more than 2TB

MiniTool offers a FREE version of Partition wizard which will not have the following features when compared to the professional version

Merge partition

Change Cluster Size

Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic

Resize/Move Dynamic Volume

MiniTool Partition wizard can help you to wipe data securely from your hard disc , this will be really handy when you give your hdd to some one else. By wiping securely the application make it sure that the data from the HDD cannot be recovered using software.

Wipe Partition

So if you want to increase the capacity of a partition from some other partitions, you can do it with this software tool easily and with out loosing any data. Are upgrading your storage space to new SSD or higher hard disc ? again MiniTool Partition wizard can save a lot of time for you.

We have 10 full version licenses of MiniTool Partition wizard 9.0 professional edition (Wil not have life time upgrade option and Bootable Builder)   for give away (Thank you MiniTool).

MiniTool Partition wizard 9.0 professional edition Giveaway