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Microsoft to slash Windows 8.1 price by 70% for OEMs

Microsoft are planning counter measures to prevent customers from choosing rivals operating systems, by slashing the price of Windows 8.1


Before you jump in glee, allow me to say that the price cut will be only be available for OEMs, i.e for Computer Manufacturers.

Manufacturers have been paying a license fee of $50 until now. With the new 70% discount, they will need to pay only $15 for Windows 8.1, if it is preinstalled on devices that retail for $250 or less. I say devices, because the rule not only applies to PCs, but other devices running Windows 8 too, including tablets and smartphones.

“Nobody buys Windows, they buy Windows devices”, said the former CEO of Microsoft Corporation, Steve Ballmer, in an interview a few months back. Perhaps he was already hinting the price cut.

Microsoft have been urging people using Windows XP to adopt Windows 8, but despite the end of support for XP approaching fast,  most users are not prepared to to switch from their beloved Operating system. Reports have emerged stating that most XP users cannot afford a computer that can run Windows 8, while others refuse to give in to Microsoft’s will.

And with Android, iOS and Chromebook devices emerging as a threat to PC’s, the Redmond based company have to resort to various marketing techniques to promote Windows 8.1. They are hoping that the price cut will attract more OEMs to use Windows 8.1 on their devices, thus selling more copies of the Operating System, which has drawn a lot of flak since it was released.

Windows 8.1 Update 1 is scheduled to be released in April, while Windows 9 is said to be released before the end of this year.  Both Operating Systems will benefit from the new prices.

via: Bloomberg and Softpedia