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Microsoft to manufacture Lumia phones in India

Recently we heard the news of Microsoft cutting down its offices in Finland and down-sizing its Windows Phone division. It has lead a whole Finnish town into an economic turmoil. Seems like Microsoft had planned something. Microsoft is outsourcing its manufacturing of Lumia devices now. Previously all the Lumia devices mainly were being made in China and Vietnam apart from being made in Finland.



Now Microsoft has signed an agreement with Foxconn to build Lumia devices in India. Foxconn’s plant will be in Sri City, in Chitoor district of Andhra Pradesh India. What’s more important is that this will be a major milestone for the Indian electronics and manufacturing segment, since India has always lagged behind in Electronic and Telecom sector compared to other developed nations, while the IT field kept on progressing Another advantage with this is place is the close proximity of NIT AP and IIIT- Sri-City. Both will serve to give in house expertise and knowledge. Also along with the IIIT in Sri-City, the area is started to become another IT corridor, but this time it may become an electronic corridor. Currently two models of Lumia’s will be manufactured in the plant.  As more and more desi players like Mircomax, Lava, Spice etc are moving to manufacture in India, the Indian mobile segment will get a boost.

With manufacturing now being moved to India, the electronic industry will definitely progress. Along with that prices of mobile phones will also drop and also help in the improvement of the economy. It remains to be seen how a major player entering in India to manufacture phones works out. Lets just mainly hope we get cheaper and better devices.