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Microsoft donates source code for DOS & Word for Windows 1.1

Microsoft have made the source code of DOS 1.1 & 2 and Word for Windows 1.1 open Source, by donating them to the Computer History Museum.


MS DOS was first used on IBM computers in 1981, and was very popular at the time. It was instrumental in Microsoft's early success in the Industry.

The chairman of the Computer History Museum, Len Shustek, had a few words about the legendary OS.

"Version 1.1 fits an entire operating system – limited as it was – into only 12KB of memory, which is tiny compared to today's software" , Shustek said. "We think preserving historic source code like these two programs is key to understanding how software has evolved from primitive roots to become a crucial part of our civilization."

You can download the source codes from the CHM Website using the links below.
Word for Windows

Note: These codes cannot be used for commercial use.

Microsoft are going to end support for Windows XP on April 8th. Whether XP will also be open-sourced is unknown, and to be frank, highly unlikely.

via: Major Geeks. Image credits: MS Technet.

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