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Microsoft Xbox Support’s Twitter account was hacked today

Microsoft Xbox Support’s official Twitter account was hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army today.


The latest attack comes just 9 days after they hacked the Twitter, Facebook accounts, and the Blog of Skype, also owned by Microsoft.

The SEA did not say why they took over the XBOX support account, but did tweet from it a few times. The tweets were deleted within an hour, as Microsoft regained control of the account.

However the SEA tweeted a screenshot from a mobile app, as proof that they had control of XBOX Support's account.

Another screenshot they posted suggested they had control of Xbox’s Instagram account, although the SEA did not post anything using it.

Perhaps they broke into these accounts as another reminder for Microsoft to stop spying on people, after Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor had spilled the beans last year, claiming that Skype was working with the NSA in spying on people.

Microsoft did not issue any statement regarding today’s hack, nor did the Xbox Support team tweet about it.