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Microsoft releases Solitaire, Mahjong & Minesweeper for Windows Phone 8

Microsoft have released three hugely popular games for devices running on Windows Phone 8.

Microsoft Solitaire

The classic hits Solitaire, Mahjong & Minesweeper have made their way onto your shiny phones. And the best news is, that you can download all three games for free.

Solitaire is probably one of the most popular games, and it is still being played on almost all platforms.

Microsoft Solitaire features five versions of Solitaire games:

Klondike (aka Patience)





Microsoft Solitaire screenshot

Download Microsoft Solitaire for free from the Windows Phone Store.

Microsoft Mahjong replaces the boring tiles of yore, with stunning graphics and great sound effects. The game features three levels of difficulty and also includes a new and improved Undo system, so you can rewind and correct your mistakes.

Microsoft Mahjong

Download Microsoft Mahjong for free from the Windows Phone Store.


Microsoft Minesweeper is probably one of the first games to have captured Windows' users attention alongside Solitaire. Now you can play the game with some modern graphics and sound.

Microsoft Minesweeper screenshot


Download Microsoft Minesweeper for free from the Windows Phone Store.

All three games have Xbox LIVE Integration so you can log in with your XBOX LIVE account to earn achievements, play against friends, climb the leaderboards,etc. You can also use the Microsoft Solitaire Collection's new Play, Pause, Resume feature to play a paused game on any compatible devices.

Compatibility: You need a device running Windows Phone 8 to download the games:

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