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Microsoft SQL SERVER functions equivalent to Oracle built in functions

I was working on a code which used Oracle as the Database and moved to SQL Server 2005. So there were many function which is used for the Oracle. And i searched what are the equivalent functions in SQL Server. What i found is there are many oracle inbuilt functions which does not have an equivalent inbuilt function in SQL Server.

Here is just one example- INITCAP – this will capitalize the first letter of every word.

I found a website which is creating functions equivalent to oracle inbuilt functions.

So for the INITCAP you can find it here.

Here is the web site link where you can find a lot of user defined functions which will make your job easier. You can get functions and other helpful things for SQL Server 2005, 2008 and 2012 from there.

This is really helpful if you are migrating from oracle to SQL SERVER.