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Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7

Finally Microsoft released Internet Explorer 10(IE10) for Windows 7 with lot of features like improved performance, security , privacy and reliability. It also offers greater support for HTML5 and open web standards.



What’s new:-

* 20% faster than earlier releases of the IE.

* Faster page loading, Faster interactivity and faster JavaScript performance.

* Reduced CPU usage and improving battery Life.

* Supports modern web standards.

* Includes CSS3 rules for better Visual effects.

* Includes HTML5 application cache and IndexedDB for local storage for offline web programming.

* Pinned sites and jump list enables you to put your favorite site directly to your Windows7 taskbar.

* Only browser with Hardware-Accelerated HTML5 that spans all graphics,texts, audios and videos.

* Address bar and search bar have been combined to one box, Tabs are stacked at vey top of the window and the entire frame is slimmer which gives more room for the stuff you are looking for.


Internet Explorer has HTML5 support right at the centre, allowing developers to write the same markup. With extensive support for HTML5, SVG, Geolocation, CSS3, and DOM, developers have a new set of capabilities with Internet Explorer that will help usher in the next wave of innovation across the web.

You can read more and download Internet Explorer 10 for windows 7 from its Homepage!