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Manage your twitter accounts with Untweeps, Refollow and ManageFlitter

Today we bring three twitter applications which help you to manage your twitter accounts easily -Untweeps, Refollow, and ManageFlitter.


The name says it all. UnTweeps uses the Twitter API to unfollow selected people you are following. You can safely login to Untweeps because it uses Twitter's login system.After logging in, you can enter the number of days in the past you want to check and a list of people is shown who were not tweeted in these days. You can select them with the help of a checkbox and click the "Unfollow Selected Tweeps" button to unfollow the selectd. You can also add people to a whitelist, who would not tweet quite often.

You can use UnTweeps for only thrice per month. If you want more, you have to use their pro version. It is available at a cost of $1.37 for 3 days or $5 per month subscription. For details, log into UnTweeps and click the "UnTweeps Pro" button.

Blocked Tweeps: An additional feature can be found at the bottom. On clicking, it shows the list of people you have blocked in Twitter.


Refollow is one of the best popular twitter follow unfollow applications. It is useful in easier twitter friends management. It shows you your friends list after logging in with your twitter account. You can select from them and choose actions like follow, unfollow, lock, block, unlock etc.

Main Features include:
- Manage your Friends and Followers
- Group by Relationships
- Sort by Importance
- Explore Twitter Social Graph
- Discover Relevant Users
- Filter Irrelevant Users
- Batch Follow/Unfollow/Block
- Crowd Tagging and Comments
- Lock Relationships


ManageFlitter is great tool for managing your Twitter followers if you have a huge number of them. You can login to ManageFlitter using your Twitter login. Here, you can list which of your followers are inactive, talkative, and quiet and decide whether you need to follow them or not. The unfollowing process can be done by either selecting each of them or all in a single click.

Main Features include:
- Clean up and manage who you follow.
- Find out who isn't following you back.
- Find out which inactive accounts you follow.
- Easily search inside your Twitter stream.