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LinkedIn hackers stole information by adding thousands of fake profiles

It has been a busy month for hackers, and here is one that is probably the worst of the lot.

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Popular Social networking website, are the latest victims of hackers.

The hackers breached the network in an unusual way, instead of breaking in and stealing the databases, they created fake profiles, in thousands.

These fake profiles were programmed to connect with real user accounts, thus stealing the user information. This is because, when two profiles on the network are connected, they share all information with each other including Resume’s, which contain sensitive information.

And here comes the really bad news, this has been happening since May 2013.So, the hackers could have farmed tons of information from LinkedIn profiles.

LinkedIn have finally noticed this, and as it impacts their integrity, they have contacted Amazon Web Services for their server data, which the hackers used to initiate the breach. They have disabled the fake profiles and are going to sue the hackers in violation of the California Comprehensive Computer Access and Fraud Act, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, and the DMCA.

This is the sixth article I am writing this month that involves a service being hacked.

via Emsisoft Blog and The Windows Club