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Lenovo Vibe discontinued worldwide, to focus on ZUK and Moto brands in India

Lenovo has officially announced that it is discontinuing its Vibe lineup of phones, worldwide. The company, as you may have heard shut down the ZUK brand recently, however it could be revived, at least in India.

Lenovo Z2 Plus

In an interview to India Today Tech, Jan Huckfeldt, the Vice President of Global Marketing & Communications at the Lenovo Mobile Group and Motorola, said that while the company noted both brands (Vibe and ZUK) are doing well in India, it wants to simplify things for the Indian consumer.

So, while the Vibe brand has reached its end, the company will launch Lenovo branded phones, meaning there will be new ZUK phones, and possibly K series and Note series devices, in the future. The decision behind this, is to avoid the dual brand strategy of Vibe and ZUK. FGor example, the ZUK Z2 Plus retails as the Lenovo Z2 Plus in the Country.

"In India we have seen that the two brands are doing well. Although we will not launch any Vibe phones anymore, in India there will be some Lenovo-branded phones," says Huckfeldt

Lenovo will instead focus on the Moto brand as its primary lineup, while the Lenovo brand will stick to the budget friendly market.

Lenovo also wants an offline presence for the Moto brand, so Motorola’s Android phones will not be online exclusive, anymore. This is not surprising, as the Moto Z2 Play, which was launched recently, is available both online and offline, in India.