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Giveaway 7– LavaSoft Ad-Aware Pro Security - Professional security for your PC

Ad-aware is a famous name in the anti-malware field. Earlier versions of Ad-Aware was just a anti-malware detection and removal tool. Later LavaSoft changed the product to a complete security suite. Now Ad-aware  is a Fast Antivirus with real time protection enabled.

There are 4 versions of this product available.

Free Antivirus+ – As the name says this is a Free Anti-virus with Antivirus, Antispyware,Real-time protection, Download protection, Safe Browsing, Gaming mode

Personal Security, Pro Security, Total Security are paid versions of this product with more features added.

See the image blow to compare the versions

Ad-Aware compare versions

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The Ad-Aware Pro security offers the following additional features than the free version of the product.

Shop & bank online safely – The real time web filters of this product will help you stay away from malicious links from websites, emails etc.. It can block the threats pro-actively before it can access your computer.

Avoid online scams

External storage scan – Supports external storage scans, like external hard discs, USB drives etc.

Powerful two-way firewall – A two way firewall, which can protect from threats outside the network. This can analyze both the receiving and sending data.

Advanced protection - Continuously monitor network and/or system activities and block malicious intrusions.

Real-time email protection – This can protect your PC from the threats from emails you receive from Spamming / Phishing email. It supports various email clients such as Outlook 2000+, Outlook Express 5.0+, Windows Mail, SMTP/POP3 (Thunderbird, IncrediMail, Eudora, etc.).

Other features

Fast Ant-Virus

Legendary Antispyware – Ad-aware is the name which is famous for the anti-malware.

Malware Sandbox Emulator – This allows to execute a program in the background to observe the behavior of the application. This will be done in a pure virtual environment so that the client PC will not be affected at all.

Scan the downloaded files

Digital Lock – to encrypt your files for safety

Game Mode

Parental Control

File Shredder – As you may know, normally deleted files can be recovered using software designed for that. If you want to delete some files which should not be recovered later you can use this feature.

Multiple language

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We have 15 Ad-Aware Pro Security full version licenses for Giveaway (Thank you Febrina Arifin from Lavasoft, makers of Ad-Aware)

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