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Lara Croft GO PC version released on Steam

Lara Craft GO, the popular turn based puzzle-adventure game, originally launched for Android and iOS mobile devices, is now available for computers. Square Enix Montréal, the developers of the game, and the others in the series, such as Hitman GO, and Deus Ex GO, have released the game on Steam.

Lara Croft GO PC version

The game features Tomb Raider’s heroine, Lara Croft, in her adventurous search for gems, artifacts, relics in a world filled with traps and enemies. There are snakes, spiders, lizard men (who follow you around once they see you), and a boss monster as well. You need to use your wits to evade traps and the enemies, some of whom can be led on to the traps, or shot from the side or behind, or attacked with a one time usable spear, which is available on certain levels.

There aren’t many levels in Lara Croft GO, to make the PC version great. But for a mobile game, it offers great value. If you want to play it on your large monitor though, the PC version offers a couple of hours of entertainment.

Buy Lara Croft GO for Rs 295 or $7.99 (which is 20% off of the original price of Rs 369), to celebrate the launch on Steam. The discounted offer is valid toll December 11th.