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Buy 9W LED Bulbs with 3 year warranty for Rs 99

EESL LED Bulbs, which are part of a Central Government initiative, called Domestic Efficient Lighting Program (DELP), are now available for sale online

EESL LED Bulb DELP Snapdeal

The project to promote LED Bulbs in India, was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi a year ago.

What makes an LED Bulb Special? Why is it better than a CFL Bulb?

An 9W LED will give you more light than a 15W CFL, and the wattage as you can see can help you save power consumption as well. Just FYI a CFL is usually the common inexpensive, white coloured bulbs with tubes, which are used very commonly.  An LED Bulb is also white in colour, but is usually round, like a normal bulb .

Here is an official comparison chart from EESL, which high"lights" (see what I did there?) the advantages of LED Bulbs vs CFL Bulbs.

LED vs CFL bulbs

A single EESL 9W LED bulb costs Rs.99, and a pack of 2 costs Rs 198. This is actually very cheap, since most LED bulbs cost much more (around Rs 200 minimum). And to top it EESL is offering 3 years warranty for the bulbs.

You will have to pay Rs 40 Delivery charges for a single Bulb or a two pack. So it's wiser to go for the two bulbs pack to save some money.

Please do take time to check your pin code to know if the products can be delivered to your area. Most parts of Kerala are not covered, which is a bit disappointing.

EESL Bulb order

I did however place an order for 2 x Pack of 2’s to my residence in Chennai.