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Is equality a reality?

Three recent movies, Shudra-The Rising (Hindi), Django Unchained (English), Lincoln (English), more or less deal the same subject.

‘Shudra-The Rising’ tells us the cast system existed in ancient India, where the lower cast people were suppressed and exploited by upper cast community. Everything was denied to that unprivileged people, clothes, education, even god. Coming to the vicinity of people from other casts was an offence, touching them was an unforgivable sin. At one point we can see Shudras retaliating against.

Django Unchained shows how Negro slaves were used by their owner. They were for just the cruel entertainments or pleasures or to satisfy their owners’ greedy needs. There we see a freed slave named Django rising against the slavery.

Third movie ‘Lincoln’ tells the story of former US president Abraham Lincoln’s efforts to end the slave trade. When some want to put an end to slavery, many don’t want to see Negros sitting or eating or working with white. They fear one day they may lose their power to their slaves.

Centuries have passed. Yes, now we can say there is no slavery, no untouchability, but, still equality is a dream for many. Discrimination is seen all over the world one or another way. Many are kept at a distance by us, may be because of the color of their skin, their community tag or country tag.