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Intex FitRist fitness band – Hands-on

Intex FirRist fitness band

Earlier we have covered a post about the new affordable Fitness band  with display and incoming call notification from Intex names FitRist, Intex Fitness Band Fitrist with an OLED display, Notifications and a Camera Trigger for INR 999.  We ordered one and received it few days back. Here we will give you a few hands on images and howtos.

First thing you need to do after receiving the device is to charge the device at least one hour, it will not turn on unless you connect it to a charger. You need to install the Intex FitRist app from the play Store, use this link or scan the barcode in the user manual.

To pair the device open the app on your Android or iOS device, open menu and select device (remember you need to enable the Bluetooth, the device will remind you to do so if it is turned on). Press and hold the button on the FitRist,

Intex FirRist fitness band--pair-button

it will show “PAIR” on the screen

Intex FirRist fitness band how to pair

Now you will be able to see the device on your mobile device and pair it.

Use synchronize option on the mobile application to correct the date and time shown on the Intex FitRist.

The device will show you Time when you press the button on the device

Intex FirRist fitness band-time display

if you press it again it will show Date, Steps, Distance, Calorie

Intex FirRist fitness band-date display Intex FirRist fitness bandsteps display Intex FirRist fitness band distance display Intex FirRist fitness band calorie display

After that you will get options to control Camera and Music

Intex FirRist fitness band camera control Intex FirRist fitness band Music control

When you paired the device with your mobile device and you are outside the Bluetooth range, the FitRist will vibrate to remind you about the device. If you want to find your mobile device, just press and hold the button on the fitness band, phone will give you an alert sound.

Intex FirRist fitness band how to find device

When there is an incoming call, the band will display the phone number (Remember it will not display the name of the caller which you saved, it will just display the phone number).

Intex FirRist fitness band incoming call alert display

SMS will be alerted by vibration (no display).

I have seen many complaints about the mobile application getting disconnected with the FitRist band. I have not experienced this, what I believe is that the people who are complaining this might have used the back button twice to came out of the application, which will close the app. What you need to do is use the center button to go back to the home screen so that the Intex FitRist mobile application will run in the background.

We will get back to you with more details and comparison with mi Band and more.