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Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 features

Few things I have noted in IE8 Beta 2

1. in IE 8 Beta 1 there was an option to imitate IE7 that is gone in  IE8 Beta 2

2. Option to see all the open tabs in one window

3. When you open a new window it will show the closed tabs list and you can choose from that list if you want (Shift+Ctrl+T  will do the same, but one by one)

4. You can choose InPrivate Browsing  which will  not save your history.

5. Re-open last browsing session

6. Web slices – which will allow you to read contents of your favorite sites, just like RSS feed reader

7. developer tools – this will help developers to find the problems with HTML, JavaScript and CSS

These are some features I just noticed, but

When I tried to access Microsoft article about webslice, I failed to see the contents, which worked fine in Firefox (Don’t know whether it is an issue with me only). So if you use IE8 Beta 2 some sites may not be usable, so use this at your own risk. Also since it is a beta, there may be chances of more bugs.