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Intelligent Ringer[Android] – Automatically Adjust ringtone volume based on noise level around you

As a human being, sometimes we forget to put our phone on silent/vibrate mode when it need to be. What if your phone rings loudly when you are at a quiet meeting? Yea! I hate that situation too. What about an app that could understand our situation based on noise level and automatically adjust the ringtone volume of your phone??? It would be fantastic right? So here is that fantastic app “ Intelligent Ringer” for your Android phone.

Intelligent Ringer will analyze the environment noise level using your phone’s microphone and adjust your phones ringing volume that suites your situation. For example, if you are attending a quite meeting, then app will adjust your phone’s ringing volume to low so that it wont ring so loudly, but if you are somewhere loud then the app will increase the volume to ensure that your phone i heard. This app runs in background so that you got nothing to worry about the ringtone settings of your phone anymore.

intelligent ringer1


Key Features:-

* Analyzes your surrounding environment noise level using your phone’s microphone.

* Automatically adjust the volume of your phone’s ringtone which suites your situation(Noise level).

* Runs in background.

* No Ads.

* Simple UI makes it Very easy to use.

* Accurate measurements about the surrounding environment noise level.

* Use little resources.

* Free


intelligent ringer2 intelligent ringer3

You can read more and download this innovative app from Google Play Store