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Image Resizer Powertoy- Resize Images from right click menu

Image Resizer is a Free open source utility developed in C#  which helps to resize images from the right click context menu. This is really handy and easy to use

Select one or more images to resize, right click and select “Resize pictures”

Image Resizer - context-menu

On the next screen you can see the preset sizes and also you can choose custom size if you want. You may also choose settings like

Only Shrink Pictures – Smaller pictures will not be resized

Replace the Originals – Normally the application will create a renamed copy of the images on the same folder.

ignore picture rotations – if disabled it will rotate images based on the EXIF details if needed.


The advanced settings link will not work actually, it will show a message with what are intended to do on the next versions.

On clicking the resize button the output will be saved to the same directory. The application does not allow you to set the output directory.


You can get the application or the source code of the application from code project. The last update was on April 30, 2013. So it seems a dead project. The application works fine on Windows 8.1 too. Last released version was  3.0 on February 23, 2013.