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Get Roller Coaster Tycoon Deluxe, Out of the Park Baseball 17, Train Simulator for $1 from the Humble Tycoon Simulator Bundle

Humble Bundle has launched a new game bundle, and this one is a real gem. It's called the Humble Tycoon Simulator bundle, and as the name suggests it has some brilliant management games.

Humble Tycoon Simulator Bundle
The Tycoon genre doesn't get a lot of attention from gamers, and hence has it not seen a lot of new games for a few years.

Some of the best Tycoon games are the Zoo Tycoon series, Sim City series, Roller Coaster Tycoon series, to name a few. Some sports team management games like Football Manager, Out of the Park Baseball, can also be classified as tycoon games, given that you are in charge of a club or team, but technically they let you play from a managerial role. My personal favorite among these, is the discontinued Championship Manager series.

The simulator genre, on the other hand, is a more recent genre, which sees quite a few good games released from time to time. The Euro Truck Simulator series, the Farm Simulator series are perhaps the best among the games under this category.

The Humble Tycoon Simulator bundle brings together superb management games and some simulator games in what I personally find to be a spectacular game bundle.

For $1 you can get the following games:

  • Train Simulator 2016
  • RollerCoaster Tycoon: Deluxe
  • Out of the Park Baseball 17

Train Simulator 2016 might scratch your want to be a train driver itch. Roller Coaster Tycoon Deluxe doesn't need an introduction. Out of the Park Baseball is a highly polished game with some very interesting gameplay. The reason OOTPB is in the $1 tier, is because the Baseball season is over.

Note: According to the good folk at reddit Gamedeals, the key is actually for Train Simulator (also known as Train Simulator 2017), and is updated every year in your library with a new name. That's nice, although the amount of paid DLC the game has is insane.

Beating the average price ($4.28 at the time of writing) nets you the following:

  • Democracy 3 Collector's Edition
  • Car Mechanic Simulator 2015
  • Big Pharma

Big Pharma is perhaps the selling point of the BTA tier, with its complex puzzles and tycoon elements. Democracy is also good, and lets you run a Country from the President's or Prime Minister's chair. If you have wish to play as a video blogger aka a YouTuber, you can spend $12 for Youtubers Life, which is in Early Access, and does not have a lot of good reviews.

Geekiest verdict:

The $1 tier makes the Humble Tycoon Simulator a must buy. The beat the average tier is worth it too, but we recommend watching some gameplay videos before you decide to get it.