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Get The Flame in the flood, Infested Planet, Human Fall Flat for $1 in Humble Jumbo Bundle 9

The Humble Jumbo Bundle 9 is live, and after a couple of weeks of disappointing bundles, the website is offering a pretty good collection of games. Here’s a breakdown of the games in the bundle.

Humble Jumbo Bundle 9

The $1 tier nets you Steam keys for the following games:

The Flame in the Flood – A roguelike game with polished graphics, which includes foraging, crafting, evading wildlife, and rafting down a river. It is kind of like Don't Starve, so don’t expect an easy game.

Infested Planet + Trickster's Arsenal DLC  – A hybrid RTS-Tower Defense game where you command a squad of 5 heroes, in a battle against swarms of Aliens. Sadly the Humble Jumbo Bundle 9 only gives you the base game and the Trickster’s Arsenal DLC. You will NOT get the Planetary campaign DLC. But we think it could be added next week as part of the BTA (beat the average price) tier.

Human: Fall Flat – It’s a fun physics based sandbox puzzle platformer, but it is a short game.

BTA tier: (currently $4.90)

Verdun - It is an online only multiplayer FPS, which is set in World War One time period.

Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide is a first person action RPG, with a focus on co-op multiplayer. It does have single player but you play on maps with bots. There is no campaign to play in the game. Think of DOTA in a fantasy Warhammer setting. And you get the Drachenfels DLC and Razorfang Poison Item for free when you buy the bundle.

Samorost 3 – This is a point and click puzzler. And as a game from the makers of MAchinarium and Botanicula, you can expect similar gameplay and art in Samorost 3.

$10 tier

American Truck Simulator – If driving a truck, hauling goods from one city to city while listening to a radio, and earning cash to buy new trucks, eventually setting up your own trucking empire sounds like fun, that is what ATS is about. It has realistic traffic rules like speeding tickets, fuel consumption, cargo damage, etc.

Is the Humble Jumbo Bundle 9 worth buying?

Absolutely, the $1 tier is a real steal for The Flame in The Flood, and Infested Planet is a fun strategy/tower defense game. Human Fall Flat is good, but it may give you motion sickness.

The BTA tier is worth it if you like online games such as Verdun and Vermintide (neither have a single player campaign), but Samorost 3 is there for solo players. If you are a lone wolf gamer like me, you can buy the $1 tier now, and lock the BTA price at whatever it is when you buy the bundle, and you can add more money to unlock the BTA tier, when the new games are announced next week.

American Truck Simulator is fun, and has a free demo on Steam. If you are a fan of the Euro Truck Simulator series, especially ETS 2, you will like playing ATS. So, it may be worth $10 for such fans.