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Get Civilization III and IV complete for $1, beat the average for Civ V complete and more

Humble Bundle and 2K Games/Firaxis Studios have partnered to offer almost every Civilization game for PC, in the Humble Civilization Bundle.

Humble Civilization Bundle 2

So, what do you get for the three tiers? Well, for $1 you will get Civilization III and Civilization IV Complete.

Humble Civilization Bundle

Beating the average price, which is currently just about $8, will net you Civilization V and its DLCs: Brave New World, Gods and Kings and DLC Pack. This basically is the Civ V complete pack with all DLCs. Additionally you will also get 20% off Civilization VI or 25% off Civilization VI Deluxe if you buy the game from the Humble Store. That's the latest iteration in the series, and is considered one of the best games of 2016.

For $15 you will get Civilization Beyond Earth and Rising Tide, along with the Exoplanets Map Pack along with a 10% discount for new Humble Monthly subscribers..

Humble Civilization Bundle 3

Is the Humble Civilization Bundle worth buying?

The $1 bundle is best suited for new comers to the 4X genre, with Civilization IV being the highlight. Some of the games mechanics are better than Civilization V, but the latter has more factions and features, brilliant DLCs which makes it the crown jewel of the series. So, if you can shell out $8 go for it.

via: Humble Bundle