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Huge collection of DIY Toys from Trash by Arvind Gupta

Toys from Trash

The website Arvind Gupta Toys Books Gallery, is an awsome place with a huge collection of How to Create Toys from Trash Do it yourself articles.  The website helps your children to study and enjoy while creating these toys.

The huge list of article includes the following categories.

"Toys from Trash"

"Flying Toys"

"Spinning Toys"

"Toys Designed by K. V. Potdar"

"String Games"

"Amazing Astronomy"

"Pumps from the Dump"

"Math Magic"

"Paper Fun"

"Tipping Toppling Toys"

"Motor and Generator"

"Electricity and Magnetism"

"Newton Unplugged"

"Fun with Pressure"

"Fun with Light"

"Simple Sounds"

"Strong Structures"

"Magic Miscellany"

"Force Fun"

"Beginner's Biology"

"Air and water"

Few samples below

Coke-can Aeroplane

Butterfly In Bulb

You can watch videos here on the YouTube channel and here is the official website of Arvind Gupta Toys

his is a delightful toy which can be made in a jiffy. The legs of a paper doll are pasted on the diametric ends of a bottomless plastic cup. On pressing and releasing the rim the doll moves up and down and appears to dance.