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How to to Increase Your Website Traffic 100 Ways

how to make a website posted 100 ways to increase website traffic. If you are a webmaster (especially a beginner) this article really worth a read. Many of the points are may be known to you.

It covers (Each section have one sample from that section posted) - read the post on the How To Make A Website

1. Blogs

2. Leave comments on other blogs.

2. Subscribers

7. Publish an RSS feed.

3.  Content is King

13. Write a “Top 10″ list.

4. Linkbaits

19. Create a ranking of people.

5. Freebies

24. Create a free CSS template.

6. Contests

28. Launch a retweet contest

7. Multimedia

33. Experiment with video.

8. Social Bookmarking Sites

38. Get people to stumble your articles.

9. Social Networks

44. Create a profile on most social networks.

10. Website Optimization

51. Customize your 404 error page.

11. Search Engine Optimization

58. Create unique content.

12. Mobile

65. Create a mobile version of your website.

13. Online Forums

68. Join online forums and put a link to your website in your signature.

14. Content Hubs

72. Create “lenses” on Squidoo. Each “lens” on Squidoo is an overview page about a specific topic.

15. Old School

76. Submit your site to web directories.

16. Paid Methods

83. Google AdWords. Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most efficient ways to buy traffic for your website, and Google AdWords is the largest ad network for that on the web.

17. Offline Methods

92. Include your website’s URL in your business card. 18. Out of the box Methods

97. Set your website as the homepage on any computer you use.