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How to switch to the old UI of Feedly with subscriber count, mark older than one day as read and more options

Feedly has long been my go to RSS reader service of choice, since Google shutdown its Reader. But I have to admit, Feedly is at best weird at times, and quite clunky and confusing for the average user. My Feedly list is customized to a good extent, including hiding options I find useless.

feedly annoying new ui

Today, when I opened Feedly in my browser, it looked a bit weird. I noticed that it no longer listed the number of subscribers a feed has. The mark older than one day option, which is usually found when clicking on the gear wheel button at the right of every folder or feed was not there anymore. Instead there was a single mark all as read option there. The folder/feed option in the top left of the right pane, had a drop down menu, and the older options like mark older than one day as read, were here.

feedly new options

There were some new sharing options at the end of each article listing as well, and accidentally clicking one of these results in a giant ad for Feedly Pro.

feedly annoying ads

I quickly got annoyed with it, and decided to login back to Inoreader, which is a decent Feedly alternative. But then I decided to go back to Feedly, and decided to see if there was on option to switch to the old UI, and I’[m very happy to say, there is indeed one.

How to switch to the old UI of Feedly with subscriber count, mark older than one day as read and more options

1. Login to your Feedly account in your desktop browser.

2. Open this page to change the Feedly Preferences > General:

feedly preferences

3. Scroll down to the part which says “Which engine should feedly use to render your pages?”.

4. By default, it is using the new option “Rendering Engine (New Pro and Team UI)”.

5. Select the other option which says “Old Miro-based rendering engine (deprecated)”.

feedly preferences old

6. Refresh the Feedly page or navigate to any feed and you should get the old UI with the reader count, user friendly gear icon and more.

7. To disable the sharing options at the end of each feed, go to and under the “Sharing” options, uncheck the ones you don’t want.

feedly sharing options

There you go, good old Feedly at its best. Hopefully these options won’t be removed.

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