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How to show Google Calendar Events In New Chrome Tab

How to show Google Calendar Events In New Chrome Tab

Here is a simple Google Chrome extension which will display your Google calendar events on a new/blank Google chrome tab. If you are using Chrome as your default browser and use Calendar to remind the events it will be a handy extension for you. This extension will change your New tabs a beautiful one with new background, weather information and your calendar events.

Other than showing the events from your Google Calendar it will also do the following

Display weather forecast

Show beautiful background images when you open new tabs. (as you can see in the above image)

Install the extension from the chrome web store. Here is the link

Tupiq- permissions

Open a new tab and click “Connect to your Google Calendar”

connect google calendar

Login using your Google credentials and give permissions to access your calendar


approve google access

That is all what you need to do.

If you want to know more about the background image displayed, you can right click and select “About this background”

right click menu

From the settings you can toggle any of the three features. You will be able to see the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. by default it will be Fahrenheit.


You will be able to change the background image by clicking the Tupiq logo

Change background