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How to search on Bing - Guide to Bing Query Language

Bing published a Guide to Bing Query Language. This includes many new methods in searching bing.

Bing offers several ways to augment a basic Bing query. For the most part, we’ve talked about using the Bing API to tailor requests. However, there is another tool that you can use in either an API request or a Bing box: Advanced Query Language. We’ve just published an extensive list (with descriptions and examples) of the operators, or syntactical units, that comprise this language.

Some of the examples are

1. They support AND, OR, NOT operations (AND, &&, &, OR, ||, |,  and NOT)

(foo AND bar) | (bing  | yahoo)

2.  feed:  Finds RSS or Atom feeds pertaining to the term you specify.


3.  filetype:  Returns only webpages of the specified file type.

surfing filetype:pdf

4.  inanchor:  Returns webpages that contain the specified term in the anchor text.


5.  ip:  Finds sites that are hosted by a specific IP address. The IP address must be a dotted quad  address. Type the ip: keyword, followed by the IP address of the website.


Guide to Bing Query Language  is a 20 Page document, which have too many example, many of them I have never heard about. You can download the Guide to Bing Query Language in HTML, PDF or CHM formats.

Read more and download Guide to Bing Query Language