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How to increase the speed of your computer

You may want the following software (freeware)

1. Crap cleaner – CCleaner – (Remove crap files). – Download it from here

2. Comodo Registry Cleaner (Clean and make the registry compact) – It is here

3. boot Timer (to check the boot time) – Download Boot timer

4. Check performance tool from Comodo – download it from here

So here we go (First you may have to make a backup of your registry for your security.)

I. Run the boot time and make a not of the boot time taken

II. Run performance tool from Comodo and make a not of the values.


1. Remove or move unwanted files from desktop

2. Run CCleaner and Remove the crap files

Before running CCleaner, make sure that you unchecked the options=>Advanced=> Only delete files in windows temp folder older than 48 hours

3. Run the registry cleaner in CCleaner

a. run the scan

b. fix the issues

c. do the steps until there are no errors

4. Remove unwanted startup programs (CCleaner => Tools=> Startup)

delete the startup entries of unwanted programs

5. Run a check disk scan

a. Right click on drive => Properties=>Tools => Error Checking =>Check Now

b. Check the automatically fix the file system error

c. Click Start

6. Run Comodo registry cleaner

a. Run cleaner from the optimize section first

b. Make the registry compact after this

7. Now defragment the drives, There are tools available for defragmenting or you can use the inbuilt defragmenter

Now check your boot time and performance and compare the values.