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How to find your PC Booting time

How to find your PC Booting time

Here we are going to cover a simple utility which can help you to calculate your PC boot time. Before going to that we will recommend few things which can improve your booting speed.

1.  Stop unnecessary windows services

2.  Defragment your hard drive

3.  Remove unwanted files like temporary internet  files etc.

To calculate your computer boot time you can use the Free application BootRacer.  The BootRacer can calculate the boot time exactly by avoiding the time taken to enter the password. The logs are recorded and you can use event viewer to see the logs. It does not require an administrative power to run.

If you want to stop running it from every boot up you can visit the Advanced options and use the Only once option.

System requirements

Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Seven/2008/8

No specific Memory requirments

BootRacer is free for non-commercial use only. 

Watch thee video below

To improve startup time you can use the application Soluto which we covered earlier. You may be wondering why your PC is booting slow, there may be some new services or applications on the startup. If you don’t know which applications can be removed from the startup applications soluto can help you to remove the most unwanted ones easily.  You can use the CCleaner application to remove the unwanted files and startup entries.