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How to enable guest account on Windows 10

Here is how to enable guest account in your Windows 10 PC.

guest account

What is a guest account in Windows 10 ? Windows description says “Built-in account for guest access to the computer/domain”. This will help you to provide access to a person who can use the computer but will not have much privileges, and you do not want to create a new account.

1. Open Edit Group Policy, easiest way is to type on the search bar

open edit group policy windows 10

2. Open Windows Settings => Security Settings => Local Policies => Security Options , and from the right side double click on “Accounts: Guest account status”

Guest account status windows 10

3. Select Enabled and click “OK” or “Apply”

Guest account enabled on Windows 10

To disable the guest account you can proceed the same step and choose disabled on the final step. There are other ways too to enable the guest account such as via command prompt.  just rtun the following command on an elevated command prompt

net user guest /active:yes