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How to download a 4shared folder and all contents as zip for FREE

How to download an entire 4shared folder as zip for FREE is a file sharing website. If you want to download all the files from a folder shared with you, you need to download them one by one. If you have a premium account which will cost $9.95/month you can download them as a zip file. Here is a work around which you can try, I don’t know how many days it will last but it works as of now.

You need to have a account, which you can create for FREE. 

1. Log in to your 4Shared account

2. Visit the Use the folder you want to download

3. Click  “Add to my account” button

Add 4Shared folder tyo your account

4. Visit your Account home and select the folder to download

Select the folder to download

5. From the more menu select B1

Download folder from 4Shared as B1

6. It will ask the file name to be created, choose desired file name and click “create”

7. you will receive a message showing

Background task

Your task was sent to the background. You can now close this window and we'll notify you when it's complete.

8. After some times you will receive a message saying it is completed. Select the file and start downloading

Download archive folder from 4Shared

Your account will have a file with .b1 extension you can download that file as you download other files from the 4Shared website.

How to open and extract .B1 archive file

The file you downloaded will be in the b1 format. To extract it you need to have B1 Archiver. You can download this application for FREE from here. While installing this it will ask for downloading additional software (like the Ask Toolbar), check it carefully and select the software only if you want them.

After installation the action will be in the context menu, so right click on the b1 archive file you downloaded and select Extract here or Extract to option.

b1 archiver extract

That is all you need to download a 4Shared folder and all its contents together as an archive file like zip.