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How to create fake credit card numbers

You can get Fake credit card numbers and addresses at FakenameGenerator. The author of that website Graham King wrote about how to create fake credi card numbers.

  • First drop the last digit from the card number (because that’s what we are trying to calculate)
  • Reverse the number
  • Multiply all the digits in odd positions (The first digit, the third digit, etc) by 2.
  • If any one is greater than 9 subtract 9 from it.
  • Sum those numbers up
  • Add the even numbered digits (the second, fourth, etc) to the number you got in the previous step
  • The check digit is the amount you need to add to that number to make a multiple of 10. So if you got 68 in the previous step the check digit would be 2. You can calculate the digit in code using checkdigit = ((sum / 10 + 1) * 10 – sum) % 10

So you can take your credit card numbers first 4 numbers, then write random numbers and then calculate the last digit, you are done.

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