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How to create Your Own WhatsApp Stickers

How to create Your Own WhatsApp Stickers

Do you want to create your own WhatsApp stickers? This article will tell you how to do that. WhatsApp recently introduced sticker feature. It is currently available for the beta version, and as of now the play store displays Beta Signup option is full for WhatsApp. If you are a Telegram User you know what is a sticker.

You need to create Images with transparent background. If you know how to use Photoshop create a 512x512 transparent PNG. The WhatsApp guidelines says keep a 16 pixel margin from the border to the sticker and have a 8 pixel white stroke over the sticker for better visibility. Copy the files to your phone.

If you want to do it from your phone you may use Background Eraser applications like

Now install “Personal stickers for WhatsApp” from Play store (Link). Make sure you have at least 3 stickers created. (When I saved stickers in the SD card, it was not listed in the application, so better to keep it in your phone’s internal storage). Open the application and the stickers will be listed there

How to create own whatsapp stickers 01

If you touch on a sticker it will display all the stickers in that folder, You may click “Add to WhatsApp from there too.

How to create own whatsapp stickers 02


Click Add button on the right. Open whatsApp and it will be available there.

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Here is a sample Stickers I Have created if you want to download.  Just for testing purpose.

If you are a developer who what to create whatsApp sticker packages you can get Open source sample from gitHub. Also read more from WhatsApp FAQ