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How to change your BSNL broadband plan online

How to change your BSNL broadband plan online

If you are a BSNL broadband user you can change your Broadband plan online.  Actually you can do a lot more regarding your BNL connection online such as changing the Landline plan, Check Bills, Payments and many more.

Here is the URL for the services. There are different URLs for 4 regions for BSNL South Zone. for BSNL North Zone. for BSNL West Zone. for BSNL East Zone.

Open the URL corresponding to your region. If you are accessing it for the first time, Register for a new account. You will have to get your Customer Id, which you can find on the Monthly bills

User Registration

User Id requires at least one digit

Password minimum length is 8 characters with at least one digit

After registration login and select Service tab from the top


Choose Service Tab

From the list of services select “Submit a service request”

Submit a Service Request

From next Screen, select The service Id, click the button and click OK to choose the customer account

Service ID

Select Service type

Request Type

The services available are

Request Types

New Broadband connection

Calling Level

Change Landline Plan

Change of Broadband plan

Phone disconnection

Phone Shifting

Change of BB Accessories

Change of BB Facilities

Change of IN Facilities

Change of Landline Accessories

Change of Landline Facilities

Change of FTTH Voice Plan

Change of FTTH BB plan

Change of IN plan

So if you want to change your Landline rental plan you can do that also from here. Here you can change “Change of Broadband plan” and select a new broadband plan by clicking on the button

Select New Plan

A popup with available plans will displayed when you click on the button, choose the one you wanted and click OK

Select New Plan

Enter Summary and Description (optional) and Submit.

You will receive a service request number, and you will receive a call from BSNL to confirm the request, After the confirmation your plan will be changed to new one. If your existing or new plan is a combo one, the change will be affecting only after current billing cycle.