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How to Maximize Your Earnings: A Step-by-Step Guide to Adding a Subscription Button on Instagram

Instagram is the third most-used social platform in the world, with 362.9 million active users in India alone. For many, Instagram has evolved into a professional platform, providing numerous opportunities such as brand building and content monetization. One of the ways Instagram allows creators to earn money is through a subscription feature. This feature lets creators offer exclusive content and benefits to their followers for a monthly fee.


Meanwhile, if you're an Instagram creator looking to add a subscription button to your profile, here’s a straightforward guide to help you set it up.

How to Add a Subscription Button on Instagram
  1. Go to Your Instagram Profile: Open Instagram and navigate to your profile.

  2. Tap on Professional Dashboard: Find and tap the 'Professional Dashboard' option on your profile.

  3. Set up Subscriptions: Tap on 'Set up Subscriptions' and then click 'Next.'

  4. Agree to the Terms: Read and agree to the terms by tapping 'Next.'

  5. Select Your Monthly Price: Choose a price for your subscription from the available options. After selecting, tap 'Next.'

  6. Publish Your Subscription: Click 'Publish' and then 'Create' to finalize your subscription setup.

Once you’ve completed these steps, Instagram will confirm that your subscription setup is complete. Your followers will be notified about your new subscription option within three days. They will see a 'Subscribe' button on your profile, making it easy for them to sign up for your exclusive content.


Subscriptions are also available during live broadcasts, giving creators another way to monetize their content. However, not everyone is eligible to use the subscription feature. To qualify, creators must adhere to Instagram’s Partner Monetization Policies and comply with the platform’s Community Guidelines and Content Monetization Policies.

Instagram also makes it easy for creators to recognize their subscribers. Subscribers are given a special badge that appears in their comments and in the creator’s primary and request message folders. This helps creators identify and interact with their paying supporters more easily.

In summary, Instagram’s subscription feature offers a great opportunity for creators to monetize their content by offering exclusive benefits to their followers. By following a few simple steps, creators can set up a subscription button on their profiles, choose a monthly fee, and start earning from their content. With these tools, Instagram continues to be a valuable platform for both personal and professional growth.