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How to Mail Merge using Thunderbird

If you are using Mozilla Thunder bird as a mail client, you can use it for Mail merge too. Fot this you can install an add-on named “Mail Merge”.

Thos will you give you 2 options

1. To Mass mail : This will help you to send one mail to More than 100 contacts. You can add all your contacts to TO,CC or BCC fields and send.

2. Personal Mail: This is exactly like Mail Merge. It will read a csv file and will replace the corresponding fields in the email with values and will send individual emails to each contacts.

Example (CSV):

1,"John Doe",

Example (Draft):

To: {{Mail}}
Subject: Your Membership (ID: {{ID}})
Body: Hallo {{Name}}, your membership is confirmed!

Example (Mail):

Subject: Your Membership (ID: 1)
Body: Hallo John Doe, your membership is confirmed!

Read more and get the extension here