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How to Choose a Good Domain Name

With good web hosting reviews , finding the right web host isn't so hard. The most difficult decision about having your own website usually comes down to what you should call your new domain. There's not a lot written about the subject, so I thought it was worth putting together this list of things I wish I’d known before registering my first domain:

1. Web hosting includes domain registration. That’s right, when you sign up you’ll be registering your new domain, so make sure you have a good name in mind before you start.

2. Just because you know what it means, doesn’t mean others will. The last thing you want to do is have to explain your clever domain name to someone.

3. Longer domain names are more difficult for people to remember and write down.

4. Some domains look great “on paper” but are confusing when pronounced. You never want to have to spell it out for people, so try saying it out loud to people before you register it.

5. Since domain names are often two or more words stuck together, make sure you don’t spell out anything embarrassing. Notable examples include:

a. (www. who represents .com)

b. (www. experts exchanged .com)

c. (www. ski pass .com)

d. (www. speed of art .com)

6. Run it through spell check or let someone else read it. It’s yours for at least a year, and you can’t take it back!