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Hidden chat and end-to-end encryption on latest version of Viber

Viber 6 end to end encyption

Earlier we have covered about the WhatsApp end to end encryption of messages WhatsApp End to End encryption–Better security upgrade your WhatsApp. Viber is also moving on the same way the latest version Viber 6.0.0 (Android) adds end to end encryption of your messages.

There are more new features added to the latest version they are

Group messages and even the cross platform messages will be end to end encrypted

You can hide specific chat, so that that will not be visible to all

Contact authentication

What is new in Viber 6

The new features will be available on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.

Here are some screenshots after I upgraded my Viber desktop application

Viber improved security

Security update

When I clicked Scan with my phone the application automatically opened the QR code scanner and after scanning it got the below screen on desktop application

secure viber desktop

The updates are rolling out now. Upgrade your Viber.