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Help Birds - Offer Water To Birds In Summer

Help Birds

I received the above image as an Email.

We are doing this for the last 15 years, and if you can keep the pot at same place every year, with in two or three years you will be amazed by the number of birds coming to the same place for water. If you can offer food too for the birds then Perfect.

You can offer Water in different ways such as

Bird baths - You can use shallow bowls as bird baths. We were using this method earlier. (Change the water Everyday if you can to Keep the pot clean and avoid Mosquitos)

Ponds - Ponds should have shallow areas so that small  birds can have water. We are using this for the last 5 years. (Having water lilies in the pond) .

These will help birds and animals, insects and others too.

See the images from My Home

Pond - Water for All

Pond- Water for Birds

This Article seems to be more detailed - Attracting Birds With Water

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